Diversity & Inclusion

For excellent research at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), the diversity of our employees is a crucial success factor and an extremely valuable resource. It enables innovation, creativity and the integration of many perspectives on the same issue - scientific, technical, administrative or strategic. The BSC, therefore, promotes an open and inclusive corporate culture in which all employees can develop to the best of their capabilities.

The BSC fosters a work environment of respect and freedom, where everyone can express their ideas and experiences. Differences do not divide but enhance our knowledge and innovation. This is a very important value for our institution that is strengthened by the different perspectives, interests, and identities of its members. The BSC provides a safe environment for the LGBTIQA+ community, and is committed to its protection. We strongly reject any type of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. 

  • The Queer team facilitates awareness, dialogue, intellectual exploration, advocacy, education, and understanding of issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity to the entire BSC community. 
  • The Queer team fosters the development of BSC staff leadership skills and enhances empowerment, personal and professional growth, and community service.
  • The Queer team addresses the unique needs and challenges of BSC staff who may experience discrimination, alienation, disenfranchisement, harassment, intimidation, or other barriers to professional success due to their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

The QUEER team is formed by researchers and staff from the BSC. You can contact us at: queer@bsc.es