Altra Formació

El BSC ofereix als nostres investigadors un programa de formació integral i multidimensional. A més de la formació en matèries especialitzades, el Programa de formació professional dona suport als estudiants i al personal perquè duguin a terme recerca, innovació i habilitats funcionals en el nivell cognitiu adequat.

A part dels cursos regulars relacionats amb l’HPC i altres actes planificats, també organitzem una sèrie de cursos i conferències especials relacionats amb esdeveniments externs o conjuntament amb els nostres socis de recerca i formació.

Dimarts, 21 Novembre, 2017
During the last years, the computing ecosystem is becoming more and more heterogeneous. On the one hand, trends in computer architectures focus on providing different computing devices (CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs) and memories in a single chip or computing node, with the aim of providing better computing devices for the different types of algorithms and applications. On the other hand, distributed platforms such as Clusters, Grids and Clouds, which have been traditionally composed by many homogeneous nodes, are starting to be composed of heterogeneous nodes including processors with different cores, accelerators and memory capacities. This heterogeneity is required to achieve better computing performance with lower energy consumption and must be managed at different levels.
Dilluns, 02 Juliol, 2018 al Divendres, 06 Juliol, 2018
Proteins and their intricate network of interactions are the mainstay of any cellular process. Dissecting these networks at atomic detail is invaluable, as this paves the route to a mechanistic understanding of biological function and provides the first essential step toward the development of new drugs. Because of the challenges associated with experimental techniques, structural biologists have to resort more and more these days to complementary computational methods.