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The pressure on urban areas is accelerating and the need to provide citizens with quality services in what concernssecurity, emergency, operational management and planning led to municipality decision to invest in the Lisboa Smart Management Platform (LSMP). It is paramount to be able to build the analytical capabilities on top of it and address some of the most relevantchallenges the city faces today, specifically analytical services able to support managing the following challenges:

  • Mobility, supporting new planning and management approaches altogether with new tools to evaluate impact andprediction of behaviours.
  • Waste management, to identify patterns and support the prediction of the production of urban waste associated witha variety of context information (e.g. events, climacteric situation, etc.)
  • Parking, create new models either to predict or to generate viable alternatives for illegal parking in the city. Identify patterns and impact of illegal parking.
  • Pollution, develop predictive models for the propagation of liquid and atmospheric pollutants
  • Crowd management, build impact prediction models based on the mobility/people flows in large events.

The Lisboa Urban Data Laboratory is an open co-creation initiative that will answer the needs of Lisboa Municipality to take advantage of the analytical capabilities altogether with the best expertise at European level, framed by thesimultaneous objective of making openly available its results. The Urban Co-creation Data Lab (UCD Lab) is a cross-border expansion of the Lisboa Urban Data and aims at developing a new generation of public services in the context of smart cities exploiting supercomputing facilities andpublic & private data to analyse complex combinations of large datasets in areas of public interest. This will answer the challenges we face today in fighting climate change and assuring the quality of live to the peoplewho lives, works or visits the city.