Technical Reports

Please download all available technical research reports in PDF format sorted by area.


A parallelization of a bioinformatic program: PHASE, Javier Vera, Computational Biology (BSC-INB).

Molecular Dynamics simulations on MareNostrum, Jordi Camps, Computational Biology (BSC-INB).


A Flexible and Portable Programming Model for SMP and Multi-cores, Josep M. Perez / Rosa M. Badia / Jesus Labarta, Computer Sciences (BSC-UPC).

Fault Tolerance features in GRID superscalar, Raül Sirvent, Rosa M. Badia and Jesús Labarta, Computer Sciences (BSC-UPC).

Exposing Inner Kernels and Block Storage for fast Parallel Dense Linear Algebra Codes, José R. Herrero, Computer Sciences (BSC-UPC).

Accelerating the parallel distributed execution of Java HPC applications, Enric Tejedor (BSC-UPC), Rosa M. Badia (BSC), Pere Albert (IBM).

Leveraging High-Performance In-Memory Key-Value Data Stores to Accelerate Data Intensive Tasks, Nesrine Khouzami, Jordà Polo and David Carrera, Computer Sciences (BSC).



ELMFIRE. Installation guide and performance analysis, Miquel Català and Alejandro Soba, Computer Applications (BSC)

GENE. Installation guide and performance analysis, Xavier Sáez and Alejandro Soba, Computer Applications (BSC)

ELSA. Performance Analysis, Xavier Sáez and José María Cela, Computer Applications (BSC)

CENTORI - Installation, Performance, and Enhancements, Georg Huhs (BSC)