How to collaborate with us

One of the main objectives of BSC-CNS is to transfer technology to industry, mainly as an objective in itself in terms of dissemination of scientific output, however, also with the intention of generating industrial returns.

The mission of BSC’s Technology Transfer area is to protect, develop and commercialise the discoveries and inventions of our scientists so that the results of their research reach the market and benefit society.

The collaboration with companies is carried out mainly through research projects, whether they are financed by public calls or directly by the company.
This collaboration can be done through:

  • R&D projects with companies:
    • Joint Research Centers: Long-term company collaboration agreement with shared research agenda and shared R&D team, with individual projects (SoW) associated to it.
    • Multiannual Framework Agreement: Long-term company collaboration agreement, based on medium to long-term research needs of company, again, with individual projects (SoW) associated to it.
    • Customised R&D projects: R&D project for company based on a specific research need
    • Industrial PhD: Grants to share doctorate students to reinforce R&D company lines.
  • Accessing BSC technologies through licenses:
    • Patent Portfolio
    • Software & Apps Portfolio
  • Service Platform

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