Mobility Programmes

The BSC Mobility Programme is available to researchers, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students at BSC as well as to researchers from institutions collaborating with BSC who wish to visit us. This programme supports collaboration and short term visits worldwide in leading research and academic institutions and provides grants for visitors collaborating with BSC research groups.

BSC has always backed mobility programmes because of their importance to the progress of scientific research. The objective of these programmes is to provide access to advanced computing infrastructures to researchers across the world in order to promote collaborative research involving scientists from different countries, and provide training to scientists in high performance computing in order to solve scientific and technological problems. Within these programmes, visiting researchers have the opportunity to be hosted for a short period at BSC-CNS and to use the centre’s resources. Furthermore, they receive financial support to cover all expenses during the stay, including accommodation and travel costs.

BSC-CNS has participated in the European project HPC-Europa and in the Spanish government support actions for 'ICTS' (Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructures) which, respectively, provide European and Spanish scientists with access to supercomputing resources. The centre’s participation in both projects has great scientific value because it allows the coordination of European and Spanish scientists to collaborate in Barcelona, taking advantage of possible synergies. The programmes are currently closed, and there are no vacancies available for the moment.

Furthermore, the Severo Ochoa project promotes active collaboration between the research groups of the BSC-CNS and aims to improve communication, professional training and mobility of BSC staff. In addition, the BSC Severo Ochoa Seminars are events that increase visibility of outgoing and incoming mobility grant holders, therefore reflecting the main objective of the project, namely collaborative research.