Training: Innovation Journey

The Innovation Journey is a practical program that enables researchers from the BSC to unleash their inner entrepreneur. The program is designed to empower innovators and give them the tools to take their technology out of the science centres and into market.

The goal of the Innovation Journey is to unlock new market opportunities, foster connections between the researchers and market leaders, and get more emerging technology into the hands of customers.

This six session-long program program offers entrepreneurship training through interactive workshops and experiences as well as mentorship and guidance from established entrepreneurs through a rigorous curriculum.


The main goal of the Innovation Journey is to instill scientists with the entrepreneurial mindset and give them the tools and knowledge to take their tech to market.

Each cohort will be made up of a select group of scientists who possess an entrepreneurial attitude representing different departments throughout BSC.

The program will be a mix of theoretical lectures and interactive workshops and excursions. In every session we will be getting out of the lab to visit real companies and key players in the ecosystem: researchers, entrepreneurs and investors.

This innovative curriculum will simulate a real go to market journey over 6-steps. Our experts will guide participants through the theory behind each step to ensure a deep understanding of the main concepts and processes.

What to expect

  • Exposure to a cross-section of ideas within a tight-knit cohort of researchers
  • Immersion in the startup/spinoff ecosystem through excursions out of the lab
  • Exploration of different business models that empower technologies
  • Understanding product market fit and how to anticipate market needs
  • Connections to key players in the tech ecosystem
  • Empowerment around the process of creating a company from scratch
  • Follow through on how to create a great licence agreement and sustainable go-to market strategy


Out of the Comfort Zone

Each cohort will be made up of researchers from different departments who possess an entrepreneurial attitude. By taking each participant out of their comfort zone we are fostering a strong group dynamic while exposing them to new ideas and ways of thinking from their peers.

Learning by Doing

The Innovation Journey represents a safe space where it’s ok to test new ideas and to fail without significant consequences. In this environment, the participants will be guided through the 6-steps of the journey and be able to test out major concepts before taking them to market. The key here is to take concept out of the theoretical and into the practical where researchers will be asked to experiment and iterate.

Building a Network

Participants will have the chance to meet leaders behind successful companies in the startup and spinoff ecosystem. They will learn from the journeys of others, get advice on their ideas, and form key connections with researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors who could help them when they are ready to take their technology to market.

Getting out of the Lab

You can’t teach entrepreneurship in a textbook, you have to get out of the building and meet real people and customers. We will be taking field trips to real companies throughout the program to see each of the 6-steps in action and gain insights on how it works in the real world.


The Innovation Journey is a six-session program taking place over three months. Each session is mandatory and will follow a similar format as outlined below.

9:30 AM to 1:00 PM: This is where the key topics of the day will be introduced. We’ll dive into the theoretical side and explain the core concepts to provide context to the rest of the day’s activities. These executive seminars will be lead by internal facilitators and invited guest experts.

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM: Time for lunch and networking with the Innovation Journey community. This is a time to get to know the others in the cohort and to continue conversations with the invited guests. We will encourage participants to share their projects and knowledge and facilitate more understanding around other departments and colleagues’ experiences.

2:30 PM to 3:00 PM: Time to get out of the lab! Each session we’ll be commuting to a new industry visit to see ideas come to life in practical ways.

3:00 pm to 5:00pm: Every idea sounds good on paper, but how will it work in the real world? To see ideas in action we will be visiting startup offices to learn how they organize and structure they daily operations. Each visit will be selected to complement the theoretical concepts that were learned earlier in the day. The afternoon session will provide a dynamic learning experience that is highly immersive and offers real case studies from key players in the spinoff and startup Ecosystem. Participants will have the chance to ask questions and learn from real world examples.

Executive Seminars
Lunch & Networking
Out of the Lab: explore and visit startups
Meet with real Startup and Spinoff leaders


  • 1st journey - Identifying a good idea/technology (09/04/2018)
    • Seminar: "Introduction to the program"
      "Workshop on methodologies for idea validation (Lean methodologies, Sprint, Design thinking)"
    • Invited guest: Design thinking expert
    • Visit: Incubator
  • 2nd journey - From idea to the market (23/04/2018)
    • Seminar: How to Identify your target market:
    • Invited guests: Product market fit experts
    • Visit: R+D visit
  • 3th journey – How to approach the market (07/05/2018)
    • Seminar: "Business Models: How to start a company, How to licence technology, Industrial partnerships" - "The Pitch"
    • Invited guest: Expert on Industrial partnerships
    • Invited guest: Legal expert (How to licence and value technology)
    • Visit: TBD
  • 4th journey - Fundraising (18/05/2018)
    • Seminar: "Funding strategies: Public funding vs Private funding" - "Company valuation"
    • Visit: Pier01 + Company with Series A investment
  • 5th journey - Expert Learnings (04/06/2018)
    • Seminar: "Workshop with key players on the innovation ecosystem. A place for sharing experiences and receiving feedback"
    • Invited guests: Researcher, Investor, Entrepreneur and Corporate
    • Visit: TBD
  • 6th journey - Recap session (18/06/2018)
    • Seminar: "Recap of all the program content for deep understanding"
    • CLOSING CEREMONY: Top Keynote and Open Session at BSC

The Program Team

Ricard Garriga

Ricard Garriga

Ricard Garriga is passionate about start-ups, investment and talent attraction. With 12+ years in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, at university doing fundraising, in Barcelona City Council in the 22@Barcelona district as San Francisco representative from startup ecosystem, then as head of strategy in a Silicon Valley start-up and founding the first 'start-up decelerator' with its own venture capital.

Ricard is the co-founder at Menorca Millennials Decelerator and Torret Road Capital a company with 28 successful entrepreneurs as founding partners with the main goal to discover and deeply analyze great deal flow to invest. He’s actually EIR at InnoCells, Banc de Sabadell. He was previously the head of startup strategy at YouNoodle in San Francisco where he managed projects to discover young companies to corporations and programs to attract talent to different regions. He also worked for the 22@Barcelona City Council applying government policies to attract talent to the city. Before that he was the head of the entrepreneurship center at La Salle Technova, helping to fundraise startup companies up to Series A.

He holds a Telecom. engineering degree, an MBA at La Salle and Executive Education at Haas School of Business - UC Berkeley.

Gina Vidal

Gina Vidal

Gina Vidal Passionate about people development and entrepreneurship with 13+ years experience in the tech entrepreneurial industry, leading people and international teams to success. A true believer in People as the key of any business fortune, she is now focused on helping organizations create its own unique culture and the best employee experience in order to improve productivity and profit. She facilitates Human Growth inside Startups and corporations, as well as coaching individuals.

Some of the most recent experiences facilitating change and growth have taken place on organizations such as E2Talent (Innoenergy) where running Human Due Diligence processes of different Startups. Basetis where developing a new organizational design of an IT services company -200employees- to get rid of hierarchy, based on a “Teal Model” (Frederic Laloux – Reinventing Organizations theory).Defining the International. Fira de Barcelona, defining the International Strategy of the Corporation.

She was the founder at Talentians, the first collaborative recruitment network which helps employers find new talent through referrals. Prior to found Talentians she was Motive Television's Managing Director, a start-up on the media field that was acquired by a company listed on the London’s AIM stock market. Before the Motive TV experience she was the Head of Entrepreneurship at La Salle Technova helping startups on fundraising up to Series A.

Gina’s toolbox: Co-Active Coach at CTI, Systemic Facilitation at Arise, MBA at the Manhattan College NYC, Telecom Engineering degree at La Salle