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Researcher’s Guide to Technology Transfer


One of the aims of the Technology Transfer Office is to raise awareness of the importance of the technology transfer process when it comes to ensuring the efficient use and adequate protection of publicly funded research in order to enable value creation. This document has been crafted to introduce researchers to the concept of the cycle of innovation through a Frequently Asked Questions section – tackling some of the most common questions that researchers may have about the different stages of the technology transfer process.

Innovation Journey

Innovation Journey

BSC promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise between academia and private enterprise to maximize our research potential by transforming academic potential into practical applications. The Innovation Journey program (2018) exposed entrepreneurial researchers to new opportunities that existed for their projects with the overarching goal of broadening the impact of the new technologies into the market. The program simulated the real journey when licensing technologies and/or creating a company in 6 sessions in order to fully understand the entrepreneurial path.

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