Pre-operational prototype that provides information on the future variation of the global wind resource. It presents a novel interactive way to spot patterns in seasonal wind prediction data. The prototype follows an interdisciplinary approach to develop climate services for the energy sector, putting special emphasis on effectively communicating probabilistic predictions to decision-makers. It is the result of a co-production process involving the research community and a data visualization team at BSC together with various users from the renewable energy sector.


Online platform that brings together predictions from different centers that specialise in Atlantic hurricane prediction (universities, private entities and government agencies). The platform has the objective to track seasonal hurricane predictions and the evolution of hurricane activity from June to November and make them available to both advanced users and non-specialists. It has been developed by an interdisciplinary team of scientists, graphic designers and visualization specialists in close collaboration with the insurance company XLCatlin.



The Weather Roulette is a mobile application directed to energy decision-makers that aims to properly explain the potential economic benefits of adopting probabilistic predictions compared with the current practice. It has been developed together with the consulting firm Predictia. This app translates the performance of wind speed seasonal predictions into commonplace concepts such as interest ratio and return on investment to inform about the prediction quality and the usefulness of seasonal wind speed predictions for the wind industry.


Repository for images derived from the work of the Earth System Services group. All images are obtained as a result of using the best information from subseasonal-to-seasonal climate prediction science. The Catalogue has the aim to facilitate the storage and retrieval of images by scientists, energy forecasters and industrial partners participating in the project and also by external users. It provides access to stored data from everywhere and it is also useful for image citing purposes in publications.

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