Equity4CASE is an initiative from the Computer Applications in Science and Engineering Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center to promote the research done by underrepresented researchers (women, LGBTQIA+, neurodiverse or disabled people, etc.) of the department who work on developing new computational strategies to simulate complex problems specifically adapted to run efficiently on modern supercomputers.

Equity4CASE supports equity for better science by boosting misrepresented and underrepresented minorities in scientific and technological leadership, ultimately aiming to build a more collaborative, supportive, equal and excellent scientific community that benefits society.

Equity4CASE pursues the following specific objectives:

  • Promoting the recognition of the scientific achievements of women researchers in CASE
  • Increasing the participation of CASE underrepresented researchers in dissemination and outreach activities through seminars, workshops, training courses and other events.
  • Inspiring and educating underrepresented groups about computing and other topics relevant to CASE research.
  • Fostering the formation of diverse groups, made up of people that belong to different backgrounds and family dynamics (in terms of culture, gender, religion, orientation, etc.).

The programme contributes to fulfilling the objective of the BSC of promoting equity and diversity in scientific research for excellence in science.