BSC-CNS hosts MareNostrum, the most powerful supercomputer in Spain. In March 2004 the Spanish government and IBM signed an agreement to build one of the the fastest computers in Europe. In November 2006 its capacity was increased due to the large demand from scientific projects. MareNostrum increased its calculation capacity to 94.21 Teraflops (94.21 trillion operations per second), doubling its previous capacity (42.35 Teraflops). In order to achieve this, it increased its number of processors from 4.812 to 10.240.

Since the upgrade of 2012-2013, MareNostrum has had a peak performance of 1,1 Petaflops, with 48,896 Intel Sandy Bridge processors in 3,056 nodes, including 84 Xeon Phi 5110P in 42 nodes, with more than 115 TB of main memory and 2 PB of GPFS disk storage.

From the new upgrade on July 2017, MareNostrum has a peak performance of 13,7 Petaflops.

MareNostrum is managed by the Operations team, which takes care of its availability, security and performance. An important task of this team is to support scientists in the usage of MareNostrum, as well as to help them to improve their applications to get better research results.

MareNostrum is also part of the PRACE Resarch Infrastructure as one of the 7 Tier-0 Systems currently available for European scientists.

Access to MareNostrum is possible through either the Spanish Supercomputing Network RES: Application Form; or the European programme PRACE: Application Guide.

These resources and expertise are not just available remotely. Both Spanish and European scientists can visit BSC-CNS through the available mobility programmes in order to work with our supercomputing experts and learn more about how to improve their work and research results.


The RES Intranet (Spanish Supercomputing Network Intranet) provides access to information and user control of different activities. This is the new procedure to assign users to an activity, to identify resources, to submit new applications, etc. To obtain more information about how to apply for RES resources, visit RES website.

The list of accepted activities for the second period of 2017 was published on June 28th.

  • Mobility programmes: BSC-CNS promotes mobility programmes for scientists to stay for a period of time in one of the leading research centres in Europe. You will be able to use our resources and exchange know-how with Spanish scientists.
  • System Architecture: Here you will find a technical description and documentation of the whole system including storage servers, computational blades, high speed network, switches and so on.
  • Support Knowledge Center: Here you will find the User's Guides of the supercomputing facilities hosted in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.