EHDS2 Pilot: Pilot for a European Health Data Space on secondary use of health data

Status: Active Start:

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The EHDS2 Pilot project is composed of 16 partners that are national hubs, ERICs or research Infrastructures, EU agencies and associations in the area of health. The partners have expertise in health data fields and transversal skills acquired in different previous projects or partnership networks.

The EHDS2 Pilot project will build and test a first version of European Health Data Space (EHDS) by interconnecting data provider platforms, either national platforms, EU agencies or research infrastructures, in a network of nodes. In doing so, the project will be able to test a user journey for creating, deploying and running health data research projects at the EU level : the network will allow project researchers to query the metadata catalogs of all the nodes, to request access to selected data via a single common form and, possibly, if needed, to transfer data at one place.

To do so, the EHDS2Pilot will define and build an IT infrastructure connecting nodes and define common standards for security, metadata catalogs, data quality and interoperability, and legal requirements based on use cases. The use cases will be selected jointly with the commission out of the 9 use cases that are presented in this document. The EHDS2Pilotwill fully operate the selected use cases in order to demonstrate the potential powerful impact of mobilizing and exploiting healthdata from several countries for public health, research, innovation and policy and healthcare systems improvement. Based on this experiment, the EHDS2Pilot will provide complete evaluation of the project and provide the EC recommendations on data standards, legal requirements, costs and economic models needed to scale up the tested network.