CAMS2_35: Developments for reactive gases and aerosol in the global system.

Status: Active Start:

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The CAMS2_35 invitation to tender describes a highly technical project that requires experience and expertise in several domains: integrated global chemistry and aerosol modelling, physics and chemistry of the atmosphere, air quality modelling, as well as a detailed knowledge on the architecture and functioning of the IFS and of the possible observational datasets used for evaluation. Our proposal builds on the achievements of the CAMS_42 and CAMS_43 projects (development of trace gases and aerosol aspects respectively). Our proposed team consists mainly of the same scientists and engineers who successfully delivered during these two projects. Our team is composed of experts who not only cover all of the scientific aspects of the ITT, but also have already worked together on many aspects of the previous projects: our group will thus be immediately operational and ready to deliver from the first day of the contract, allowing for a very smooth transition phase.