Distributed Indexes - LICENSED

Research & examination
 Publication number:
WO 2020069765
 Priority date:
CESARE CUGNASCO,  Yolanda Becerra
Barcelona Supercomputing Center


Methods are provided of optimizing a tree-structured distributed-index with tree-nodes including data-elements and parent-child relations between tree-nodes. The distributed- index is stored in distributed system including computer-nodes each storing tree-nodes and a tree-map structurally describing the distributed-index. The methods comprise: inspecting the tree-map in first computer-node to determine whether the distributed- index is imbalanced due to a first tree-node in first computer-node and, in said case: notifying to other computer-nodes that first tree-node is replicable, to provoke that any request from other computer-nodes of inserting a data-element in first-tree-node includes inserting the data-element in corresponding child-node of first-tree-node; and verifying whether the other computer-nodes have been notified and, in said case, replicating data-elements stored in first tree-node into children-nodes thereof.Methods of inserting into and/or querying such distributed indexes or similar are also provided, along with computer programs and (computing) systems that are suitable for performing said optimizing, inserting and querying methods.

This patent received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nr 801331.