Pablo Ortega Montilla

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I am a climate scientist with a broad range of interests, including paleoclimatology, ocean dynamics, decadal prediction and climate feedbacks. To date, the bulk of my research efforts has focused on studying the past to learn for the future, with particular interest in the fate of the ocean circulation and its climate impacts.

I obtained my PhD degree at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as a member of the PalMA research team, analyzing last millennium ocean variability.

Since then, three postdoctoral stays have allowed me to acquire a unique profile both as a climate modeller and paleo-climatologist. During the first, at the LSCE,  I worked linking Greenland ice core variability to the large-scale atmospheric circulation. In the second, at LOCEAN, I investigated the mechanisms responsible for the decadal variability in the IPSL model and developed a novel nudging tecnique to improve the initialization of the Atlantic Overturning Meridional Circulation. My last postdoc, at NCAS-Climate, was focused on understanding the controls of multidecadal variability (and predictability) in the North Atlantic.

I currently co-lead, together with Louis-Philippe Caron, the Climate Prediction group in the Earth Science Department




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