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NEWSLETTER November 2022

BSC, selected to host one of the first European quantum computers

The EU's supercomputing consortium has chosen BSC as one of the six centres that will host the first European quantum computing network. The new quantum computer will have the potential to significantly increase the impact of research and innovation by enabling solutions that go beyond the capabilities of current supercomputers. The investment will be €12.5M, co-financed 50% by the EU and the Spanish Government.

The first Lancet Countdown in Europe report has been launched

The Lancet Countdown in Europe, led by BSC and co-led by ISGlobal, has launched its first report. It illustrates the urgent need for ambitious mitigation targets that restrict global temperature rise to less than 1.5°C above pre-industrial times and effective adaptation strategies to build resilience to the increasing health threats of climate change.

BSC leads the European Climateurope2 project on climate services

BSC leads the Climateurope2 project that aims to support the climate services community and propose standardisation procedures for future equitable and quality-assured climate services, solutions based on scientific evidence designed so that all sectors of society can make better decisions to mitigate or adapt to the effects of climate change.

BSC participates in a study that changes the view of the evolution of leukemia

Researchers from BSC have participated in a study coordinated by IDIBAPS-Clínic Barcelona-UB to identify the mechanisms that determine the evolution of leukemia, relapses following treatment, and its transformation into a very aggressive lymphoma in the final phase for some patient. The study is published in the journal Nature Medicine and financed with a grant from CaixaResearch.

New European initiative to advance personalised medicine

Research centres across Europe have established the Federated European Genome-Phenome Archive (FEGA), a digital infrastructure that will facilitate access to genomic and health data generated by scientific projects in five countries. The Spanish node’s data will be hosted by the MareNostrum supercomputer, which will be a key component of the Precision Medicine strategy in the Spanish National Health System.

BSC to team up with Japanese Centre for Computational Science RIKEN

BSC and RIKEN have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Research Collaboration. This MOU is an expression of reciprocal interests in education and research to increase international co-operation between both parties, including the mutual use of the supercomputer Fugaku and MareNostrum 4 and 5.The MOU will be effective for a period of three years, that can be extended by the parties for additional years.

BSC participates in an exhibition on the importance of algorithms today

The exhibition organized by Fundación Telefónica presents an audiovisual piece made by the BSC on how the processing of huge amounts of data accelerates scientific research. The piece presents different BSC research projects on air quality, automatic translation of sign language, and digital twins, proteins, personalized medicine and human genome. The exhibition can be visited free of charge until April 16, 2023.

BSC tool IFPTA contributes to the ASGARD project´s Collaborative Innovative Technology Award win

The ASGARD project received the 2022 Collaborative Innovative Technology Award, presented by the EU´s Community for European Research and Innovation for Security. BSC contributes to this project by developing the internet-forum-profile-text-analyser (IFPTA), an online text mining and natural language processing tool that filters huge amounts of text in order to gather data that are relevant to profile users of internet fora. 

Helping the aviation industry design cleaner aeroengines

ESTiMatE, a research project coordinated by BSC and funded under the European Commission´s Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking, is contributing to the aviation industry by further understanding the fundamental processes involved in soot formation and by developing predictive models for aeroengine virtual testing and design. The academic partners are working closely with the aeroengine manufacturer Rolls Royce to ensure the findings of the project can directly benefit the aviation industry.

BSC hosts the 100xciencia event

More than 200 representatives of the Spanish scientific community have attended the sixth edition of the annual meeting of the Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu Alliance (SOMMa), 100xciencia. Under the title “Science for the future. Building a fairer and more sustainable horizon”, the researchers discussed current scientific challenges such as climate change or resistance to superbugs.

BSC presents new strategy to ensure equality between women and men

BSC presented its new Gender Equity Plan, which includes several actions to ensure effective equality of treatment and opportunities between women and men who develop their professional careers at BSC, eliminating any kind of discrimination, direct or indirect, based on sex. Reducing segregation in selection processes, ensuring equal pay, family balance, and a workspace free of harassment and discrimination are some of the objectives of the plan.

The Human Digital Twin

This video showcases some of the research done at the Life Sciences Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, contributing to a better understanding of our bodies in health and disease, and to a future where a Human Digital Twin can help to live healthier and longer.

BSC in the fight against breast cancer

The research carried out at the BSC regarding breast cancer covers various aspects of the disease and its detection. Alfonso Valencia, director of the Department of Life Sciences at BSC, talks about the research carried out: extraction and organization of medical and genomic data, comorbidity and use of supercomputing. The researcher Josep De la Puente talks about the European project QUSTom, for the detection of tumors using ultrasound and supercomputing.

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17 NOV 2022 FusionCAT Community Final Event Location: Sala de Actos, Vèrtex Building (UPC) Barcelona
28 NOV 2022 CASE Open Day Location: BSC Auditorium
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