MareNostrum will participate in the hackathon #BitsxlaMarató, to collaborate with the TV3 Marathon dedicated to sexual and reproductive health.

05 December 2023

BSC is co-organising the activity, which will take place from 15 to 17 December.

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) is once again collaborating with the TV3 Marathon by organising the #BitsxlaMarató hackathon together with the Faculty of Computer Science of Barcelona (FIB), Hackers@UPC (organisers of HackUPC), and the Sant Pau Research Institute.

This year we will shed light on solutions and help spread awareness of problems related to sexual and reproductive health.

What does this TV3 Hackathon activity consist of?

It is a hackathon (hack - finding technological solutions + athon for marathon, i.e. a technological marathon to find solutions to problems, in this case the challenges of the TV3 Marathon). As always, we try to encourage creativity, disseminate the health problems being addressed and also apply technology.

We encourage the participation of undergraduate, master's and PhD students, but also teachers, research staff and any professional from the fields of health and technology (but also from other areas!) who want to help. We will all work as a team for 3 consecutive days in person. Together, we will search for and develop solutions to address all the challenges we face in sexual and reproductive health.

The Hackathon will include training talks and during the last day the teams will make presentations and demonstrations of the solutions and proposed solutions obtained in the challenges posed on the first day. Participants who request it will be able to use the MareNostrum supercomputer.

There will be (symbolic) prizes for the best project in each challenge!

More information and registration here.