BSC contributes to the future of smart cities at the Smart City Expo World Congress

14 November 2022

Researchers from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) are showcasing their work on Advanced Mobility systems for smart cities at the leading international congress, Smart City Expo, in Barcelona. This event promotes social innovation and generates collaboration opportunities between solutions developers and cities across the world. BSC is presenting advanced mobility systems solutions focused on leveraging edge-to-cloud continuum technologies, monitoring for pedestrian safety, AI real-time solutions and Vehicle-to- Everything communications (V2X).

The BSC booth will allow visitors to interact with data boards and chat with our smart mobility experts on-site at booth E61 booth 6. Three BSC projects and their smart cities solutions will be at the Smart City Expo booth: AMPERE, Clash and Elastic.

AMPERE – Predictive Cruise Control

  • The AMPERE project is developing a new generation of software programming environments for low energy and high parallel and heterogeneous computing architectures. The new software environment enhances Predictive Cruise Control systems in vehicles improving fuel efficiency. AMPERE’s programming environments also play a key role in Obstacle Detection and Avoidance System (ODAS) used for instance, in trams.

ELASTIC - Vehicle-to- Everything communications (V2X)

  • ELASTIC provides the required scalable computing infrastructure to the Florence tramway network, enhancing the tramway public transportation services as well as its interaction with the private vehicle transportation.

CLASS – AI real-time solutions

  • CLASS developed a novel software architecture framework to help big data developers to efficiently distributing data analytics workloads along the compute continuum (from edge to cloud) in a complete and transparent way, while providing sound real-time guarantees. This ability opens the door to the use of big data into critical real-time systems, providing to them with superior data analytics capabilities to implement more intelligent and autonomous control applications.

Where to find us?

  • Hall 2 – Stand E61 Booth 6 (Catalan Government stand area)