Agreement between BSC and PIMEC to improve competitiveness of small companies through supercomputing

15 December 2017
BSC will advance in the development of solutions in the areas of Machine Learning, Big Data or Artificial Intelligence applied to small companies.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and PIMEC are to establish a collaboration framework to promote the innovation of small companies through Supercomputing. BSC’s Director, Mateo Valero, and Antoni Cañete, General Secretary at PIMEC, have signed a collaboration agreement which aims at improving competitiveness of companies through the development of solutions on Machine Learning, Big Data, Neuronal Networks and Artificial Intelligence applied to business cases of a small size. BSC research in these fields will allow to promote national industry, improve the generation of new opportunities for citizens in the entrepreneurship field, as well as to boost public-private collaboration. 

Founded in 1975 and expanded in 1997 with the fusion between PIMEC and SEFES, PIMEC is currently the most representative employer’s confederation, which speaks for and defends the interests of micro, small and medium companies (SMEs) and self-employed people of Catalonia.
PIMEC is the most significant social agent in Catalonia, which participates in more than 300 table and work commissions with public administrations and other important social agents, besides giving its opinion on a regular basis on legislative initiatives and public policies. PIMEC also makes proposals to defend and represent the interests of SMEs and self-employed people. This work is carried out in Catalonia, on all possible levels (local, regional and autonomic), as well as in the whole state and Europe.
PIMEC’s determination is to raise awareness and work to accomplish that the economic policy be aimed to foster the development of SMEs and of self-employed people, the main business fabric of Catalonia, since they represent more than 99,8% of the total number of companies, the 70% of the employment rate and the 65% of the GDP of our country.