SORS: Cloud: The Next Disruption in HPC

Date: 13/Mar/2018 Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Sala d'actes FiB - Campus Nord

Cost: This event is free of charge.

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Abstract: Through his career, Gabriel Broner lived through multiple disruptions in high performance computing.  At Cray he was involved in the move from proprietary architectures to parallel systems with industry standard CPUs and memory.  At SGI he was part of moving from proprietary operating systems to Linux.  In the last year he joined Rescale convinced that cloud is the next disruption in HPC.  
In this talk, you will hear a brief historical perspective, why cloud is the next disruption in HPC, and how things change for HPC from on premises to the cloud.
Short Bio: Gabriel Broner is Vice President and General Manager of High Performance Computing at Rescale. Prior to joining Rescale in July 2017, Gabriel spent 25 years in the industry as operating system architect at Cray, general manager at Microsoft, head of innovation at Ericsson, and vice president and general manager of high performance computing at SGI/HPE.