Evaluation and quality control workshop

The C3S_512 contract, funded by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and led by the BSC, is organizing in collaboration with C3S a workshop to describe the latest advances in the C3S evaluation and quality control (EQC) function

Date: 09/Jun/2021 Time: 09:30

Online event

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The C3S_512 contract, which is in charge of implementing the operational EQC framework of C3S' Climate Data Store (CDS), organizes this workshop to describe the work performed in the first phase of the EQC function development, discussing the lessons learned and exchanging experiences with other Copernicus services about how their EQC activities were developed.

Date: 09/Jun/2021 Time: 09:30 - 09/Jun/2021 Time: 15:30 CEST

The event will focus on:

  • Discussing the current status of implementation of the EQC activities
  • Informing the evolution of EQC
  • Increasing collaboration with other Copernicus and non-Copernicus services


This workshop offers an opportunity to discuss the status of the implementation of EQC activities in the Copernicus services, and in particular in C3S, with several stakeholders to identify achievements, lessons learned and ways forward. It will also help to inform the C3S EQC evolution and to increase the collaboration with other Copernicus and non-Copernicus services.

Parallel sessions:

After a number of introductory presentations to set the background, all participants will break into three parallel sessions to discuss the following EQC-related topics:

User engagement, focus group experience and user satisfaction assessment;

Toolbox quality assessment and performance of the service infrastructure;

Dataset quality assessment and data providers’ role in EQC.


Each session will have a chair and a note-taker. Summaries of each session will then be presented in a plenary session by the respective session chair.

Online event, contact carlo.lacagnina@bsc.es to register