Gender and Diversity Equality Plan

The BSC-CNS reiterates its commitment to the establishment and development of policies that integrate the equality of treatment and opportunities between men and women, without direct or indirectly discriminating for reason of sex or other aspects (nationality, race, religion…), as well as in the impulse and development of measures to achieve real equality in the heart of our organization, establishing equality of opportunities as a strategic principle of our corporate policy and Human Resources, in accordance with the definition of this principle established by Organic Law 3/2007 of March 22 for effective equality. This commitment has been put into practice through the creation of a Committee of Equality and the development of new measures or positive actions, through the Gender and diversity equality plan.

The Committee of Equality is made up of six members, three women and three men, responding to criteria of representativeness and transversality. A representation of various positions (Group leader, doctoral student, Postdoc…) is reflected, and areas in the institution (Dept. Computer Aplications, Computer Sciences, Operations, Earth Sciences HR), with the aim of gathering differential needs and facilitating maximum dissemination of the process and results. The Committee of Equality will ensure:

  • Gender equality, understood as the attainment of equality of opportunities between women and men, maintaining the recognition of difference. 
  • Equality of opportunities, understood as the identical option for the same opportunities and professional resources on the part of both sexes.
  • Equality of opportunities for all people independently of their origin, culture, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, family situation, etc.
  • Non-discrimination, direct or indirect, of the staff in function of their gender, as well as the elimination of barriers, visible or not, that suppose differences between women and men or for any other reason of a personal nature.
  • Eradication in the working environment of any indication of sexual harassment or harassment for reason of sex, as well as of any other modality of moral harassment.
  • The promotion and dissemination inside the company of the values and practices in which equality is based, as well as the promotion of the balanced representation of both sexes in all organs and positions of responsibility of the company.
  • The follow-up and the updating of the Plan of Equality, elaborating proposals of future actions.
At the moment, the centre is working on the diagnosis and design of its second Equality Plan, in consensus with the negotiating committee. It was planned to be completed before the end of the first equality plan, but unfortunately it has not been possible due to the situation caused by COVID-19, the new equality plan will be published shortly. The BSC has incorporated the position of HR Equality Officer to promote actions and determine equality and diversity as a priority for the institution.

If you want contact with the Committee of equality you can send an email to ED_Commission [at] bsc [dot] es

For more information on the BSC-CNS Gender and Diversity Plan, download the pdf with all the equality and diversity proposed actions.