OpenPOWER and AI Workshop

Fecha: 18/Jun/2018 Time: 09:00 - 19/Jun/2018 Time: 16:30


Vertex Building, room VS208

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Day 1, June 18th

9:00h - 9.30h Welcome and OpenPOWER ADG features

9.30h - 10.15h Introduction to Power 9 and PowerAI

10.15h - 10.30h Coffee Break

10.30h - 11.15h Large Model Support and Distributed Deep Learning

11.15h - 12.00h Use Case Demonstration with PowerAI

12.00h - 13.00h Lunch Break

13.00h - 13.45h Mellanox Feature Updates

13.45h - 14.45h CFD Simulation on Power

14.45h - 15.00h Coffee Break

15.00h - 15.45h Introduction to Snap Machine Learning

15.45h - 16.45h Snap Machine Learning Demos , Q&A

16.45h - 17.00h Wrap up and Q & A


Day 2, June 19th

9.00h - 9.30h Quick review about Day I

9.30h - 12.00h Deep Learning Exercise II using Nimbix /Other Infra Industry specific use cases (LMS)

10.30h - 10.45h Coffee Break

12.00h – 13.00h Lunch Break

13.00h - 16.30h Deep Learning Exercise II using Nimbix/Other infra Industry specific Use cases using P9 features (LMS and DDL)

15.00h - 15.15h Coffee Break

16.30h - Adjourn