BSC Training Course: Programming of Petaflop Machine: MareNostrum5

Fecha: 23/May/2024 Time: 09:00 - 24/May/2024 Time: 13:00

C6-E101, UPC Campus Nord, Barcelona 

Target group: INTERMEDIATE level -for trainees with some theoretical and practical knowledge;

Cost: There is no registration fee.

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Objectives: The objective of this course is to present to potential users the new configuration of MareNostrum and a introduction on how to use the new system (batch system, compilers, hardware, MPI, etc). Also It will provide an introduction about RES infrastructures and how to get access to the supercomputing resources available.


Prerequisites:  Any potential user of a HPC infrastructure will be welcome


Convener: David Vicente, User Support Manager, Operations, BSC

Lecturers: David Vicente, Javier Bartolomé, Félix Ramos, Gaurav Saxena, Ziyad Albanoby,  Raúl Fuentes, Laia Julió, Jon Navarro, Maria Velez de Villa and Wenceslao Chiodi

Learning Outcomes

The students who finish this course will know the internal architecture of the new MareNostrum, how it works, the ways to get access to this infrastructure and also some information about optimization techniques for its architecture.

Academic Staff

Course Convener: David Vicente

Lecturers: David Vicente, Javier Bartolomé, Jorge Rodríguez, Carlos Tripiana, Oscar Hernandez, Félix Ramos, Cristian Morales, Francisco González, Ricard Zarco, Helena Gómez, Pablo Ródenas, Gaurav Saxena y Maicon Faria.



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