Visit our Supercomputer

BSC hosts MareNostrum, the most powerful supercomputer in Spain. There are different options for visiting and knowing the supercomputer.

The face-to-face visits are made from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., by appointment and last 30-60 minutes. Groups can be up to 30 people.



Due to the capacity and mobility restrictions related to the health emergency, we have converted the activities for schools, institutes and formative cycles into online or classroom activities.

The groups of secondary, baccalaureate and formative cycles can request the activity here.

Visits in the framework of the "We are young women researchers" program for 3rd and 4th grade group have become a complete classroom activity. You can find more information here and arrange a visit through visitesprimaria [at] bsc [dot] es


Virtual tour allow you to see the MareNostrum supercomputer from anywhere and discover every corner of MareNostrum 4.

You will be able to access the glass urn where the supercomputer is located, walk through its corridors and even have a 360º view of the facilities that are underground and that are essential for MareNostrum to function.

Discovering the MareNostrum supercomputer and the chapel that houses it is now easier.



Visit MareNostrum and look for SuperGeek videos that will help you understand why supercomputers are super fast!!!