Three technologies developed at BSC get a boost to reach the market

16 April 2021
BSC spin-offs FrontWave and Qbeast have got financial help from Startup Capital, and Migalabs project will participate in the Preaccelerator Program by Barcelona Activa.

Two spin-offs from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), FrontWave Imaging and Qbeast have got a Startup Capital from ACCIÓ, which will be a significant step forward to bring their technologies closer to the market. Another technology developed at BSC, Migalabs project, will also receive support, in this case from the Preaccelerator Program by Barcelona Activa.

FrontWave Imaging, created in 2020, is a technology company from the BSC and the Imperial College London centered on developing and commercializing an imageology solution from extreme-to-extreme breast tissue using ultrasounds to improve the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

For their part, Qbeast is centered in the analysis of Big Data with Data Leverage, providing a huge amount of information while it accesses only the minimum quantity of raw data. This technology is the result of years of research at BSC. The key objective of the research team was to combine the scalability and flexibility of the Big Data software with the superior efficiency of the High Performance technology. From this union a new innovative architecture was born, to store, organize and analyze data.

Startup Capital is a call for funding support (direct help of up to 75.000€) coordinated by ACCIÓ and addressed to emerging technology startups that need funding to carry out the initial steps of their business, develop their product or service, and validate the business model to reach the market. This support has to be assigned to fund actions derived for the execution of the business plan, from the administration and management of the company’s operations to the development and commercialization of products and services.

On the other hand, Migalabs project, led by BSC researcher Leonardo Bautista, has been chosen to participate in the 7th edition of the Preaccelerator Program by Barcelona Activa. Migalabs’s objective is to build software that can study, analyze and provide information about the state of a Blockchain.

The Preaccelerator Program is a supporting program for entrepreneurial projects with a high technological impact in their initial steps. The selected teams will have within-reach services aimed at facilitating the launch of their projects. During the duration of this program, they will work on the definition and validation of the business model and also on their entrepreneurial abilities.