Record number of visitors to MareNostrum during 2018

07 January 2019
2018 closes with an absolute record number of both visits and visitors to the MareNostrum supercomputer surpassing 14,100 people. There have been more than 1,240 guided visits: 373 visits from high schools, 328 from individual people, 77 from universities, 68 from companies, 57 from associations, 27 in the framework of congresses, and 22 from public institutions such as the Generalitat and the City Council of Barcelona, among other groups.
The total number of visitors includes visits registered through the new initiative launched in October with the collaboration of the City Council of Barcelona, which is aimed at primary schools, whose purpose is to bring technology to younger people, with special emphasis on the role of women.
This increase in the number of visits and visitors reveals the growing interest in the MareNostrum supercomputer and our center, and at the same time it shows the BSC's determined will to open this emblematic installation to the public and inform of the research work that we are developing .
It should also be noted that the appearance of the MareNostrum supercomputer in Dan Brown's latest novel has resulted in an increase of visits by individual people, wanting to see one of the Origin scenarios in person.