BSC researcher Jordi Torres publishes a manual to understand deep learning and the possibilities of this Technology

07 February 2020

The leader of the Emerging Technologies group for artificial intelligence publishes "Python Deep Learning'', which combines the theoretical principles of deep learning and the practical approach to coding and developing projects with neural networks.

The leader of the BSC Emerging Technologies group for artificial intelligence, Jordi Torres, has just published the book "Python Deep Learning" to help those interested in understanding and developing in the world of deep learning, one of the techniques most present in developments that incorporate artificial intelligence.

The book has been published by Marcombo and combines the theoretical principles of this technology with a practical approach to code and the steps needed to develop neural network based projects. It is intended for an audience that has programming skills but has not yet had the opportunity to get started on these new key concepts for the future of computer science.

"Deep learning is one of the most active areas today in the world of artificial intelligence and a central technological element in today's innovations that are changing the way our world works.", says Jordi Torres. “I think it's crucial that each and every one of us get a better understanding of these new topics that are revolutionizing computer science and can use them properly", states.

Jordi Torres, who is also a professor in the Department of Computer Architecture at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, regularly posts entries on artificial intelligence on his blog and has published several books, including some on big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.