BSC to participate in the BIYSC initiative

12 April 2017
100 students aged between 16 and 18 years will have the chance to enjoy taking part in BIYSC from 10-21 July 2017 in Barcelona.

BSC is taking part in the BIYSC (Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge) initiative with the project called “Computational study of coffee compounds for cancer prevention”, led by the centre’s Life Sciences department.

The BIYSC is a two-week international excellence programme that aims to stimulate scientific talent among young students from all over the world. Its main aim is to encourage their enthusiasm for pursuing scientific research and careers in science. 100 students aged between 16 and 18 years will have the chance to enjoy taking part in BIYSC from 10-21 July 2017 in Barcelona.

The BSC project, which is coordinated by the BSC researchers Víctor Guallar, Gerard Santiago and Ferran Sancho, aims to design your own enzyme variant in order to speed up the production of a compound from molecules present in coffee plants that has industrial interest for applications in cancer prevention, among other things. “As in a real investigation, the most promising results (once the project is over) will be brought to an experimental lab to validate them and, if this is successful, the students will have the chance to contribute to a scientific publication” says the coordinators.

What will students learn in this project?
In this project, you will learn how to work as a real investigator. First of all, you will get familiarized with the world of enzymes and its role in industry. Then you will learn how to design an improved variant of the enzyme.

What positive point of the project would you emphasize?
The opportunity to work as a real investigator in the protein engineering field.

What would you say to a young student to participate in BIYSC?
At some point during the university, you might get lost in the applications of the subjects you’ll be studying. This is the best opportunity to get a glance of what might be waiting for you after the university.

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BIYSC has been designed to offer participants a world-class experience by allowing them to work in English and in small groups, on different scientific and technological challenges proposed by international research centres based in Catalonia that carry out cutting-edge research. The programme also offers its participants the chance to enjoy the company of peers who share their same passions, to attend scientific lectures given by leading researchers, and to debate and discuss with them the most successful discoveries and scientific advances worldwide.

Further information about the BIYSC

Find out more about BSC project in the following video!