BSC brings HPC expertise to Geophysical Applications

02 June 2017

From June 1st the Computer Applications and Science and Engineering Department at BSC is hosting the third edition of the Workshop on Geophysical Applications and HPC. A total of 35 professionals working on different aspects of (geo) physics, imaging, forward and inverse modelling, numerical algorithms and software design/optimization will tackle different aspects of this scientific area. The event will also include keynotes from internationally recognized experts, as well as talks from leading specialists from all over the world.

“The third edition of this workshop offers a great networking opportunity. As well as being a good place to learn and discuss the topics in our area, it allows us to present the scientific results we are working on at BSC in this field”, says Josep de la Puente, Geosciences Applications Group Manager at BSC.

BSC is a member of the Geophysical Exploration using Advanced Galerkin Methods (GEAGAM network) whose aim is to improve and exchange interdisciplinary knowledge on applied mathematics, high performance computing, and geophysics to be able to better simulate and understand the materials composing the Earth's subsurface.

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