BSC and the Spanish Association for Foundations will collaborate to highlight the impact of foundations in society

31 October 2017

They will carry out research based on open data packages to gain a thorough understanding of the sector’s situation

The Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC) and the Spanish Association for Foundations (AEF, in its Spanish acronym) will work jointly to highlight the impact of foundations in society.

Both entities have signed an agreement today whereby they commit themselves to carry out joint research that offers relevant information regarding the foundations’ activity, so as to give an added value to their task.

The Spanish Association for Foundations affiliates approximately a thousand Spanish foundations of all sizes, objectives and spheres of activity. Its mission is to work for the benefit of the whole Foundations’ sector, and for its growth and strengthening.

On the other hand, the BSC is the national supercomputing centre in Spain, with a total staff of more than 400 research scientists, using the most modern High Performance Computing technologies.

BSC and AEF will identify and establish data sources about foundations and their field, and will develop data analysis using modern techniques (cognitive algorithms and machine learning); the objective being that this work – based on the use of open data package – allows to obtain new knowledge and helps to disseminate the sector’s situation.

Here are some facts offered by AEF of the Spanish Foundations’ sector:

  • It is formed by approximately 8.900 active foundations.
  • It employs circa 220.000 workers.
  • It generates an expenditure of more than 8.000M€.
  • It carries out activities in different sectors of general interest: social, educational, environmental, of research or cultural, amongst others.
  • It represents 0,8% of the Spanish GDP.