Otra formación pasada

Jueves, 25 Mayo, 2017 al Viernes, 26 Mayo, 2017

BSC organizes a two-days school on the topics of the RDA Interest Group on weather, climate and air quality (IG): https://rd-alliance.org/groups/weather-climate-and-air-quality Lessons will consist of theoretical talks and hands-on session. The course will take place on Thursday and Friday, organised in four modules and will be in English. To register please e-mail francesco.benincasa@bsc.es or pierre-antoine.bretonniere@bsc.es

Miércoles, 24 Febrero, 2016 al Jueves, 25 Febrero, 2016

Lunes, 18 Enero, 2016 al Viernes, 22 Enero, 2016

Martes, 07 Julio, 2015 al Domingo, 12 Julio, 2015