Cursos PATC pasados

Martes, 24 Enero, 2023 al Miércoles, 25 Enero, 2023

Martes, 08 Noviembre, 2022 al Jueves, 10 Noviembre, 2022

Lunes, 24 Octubre, 2022 al Viernes, 28 Octubre, 2022

Sábado, 03 Septiembre, 2022 al Martes, 06 Septiembre, 2022

On its 12th edition, the Programming and tUning Massively Parallel Systems + Artificial Intelligence summer school (PUMPS+AI) offers researchers and graduate students a unique opportunity to improve their skills with cutting-edge techniques and hands-on experience in developing and tuning applications for many-core processors with massively parallel computing resources like GPU accelerators, with a special focus on AI.

Lunes, 23 Mayo, 2022 al Jueves, 26 Mayo, 2022