You can submit your CV to one of our job vacancies joining the BSC-CNS staff:

Job Reference Position Area Closing Date
Phyton_dev Junior Developer to work on workflows for Earth system models Sunday, 29 November, 2015
CS_10_ PM_Dev Developer DSL Programming Models Support Monday, 30 November, 2015
Clim_Exp_ES Climate projection expert for climate services research activities. (R3-Established Researcher). Tuesday, 1 December, 2015
Clim_Pred Climate predictions expert. Seasonal forecast for climate services. (R3-Established Researcher) Tuesday, 1 December, 2015
CASE_14_SS_Sr_Dev Senior Researcher Wednesday, 2 December, 2015
CASE_15_PNM_Sr_Dev Senior Developer Optimization of high performance computational mechanics code Wednesday, 2 December, 2015
CS07_Dev_Sr Backend Engineer (senior) Sunday, 20 December, 2015
CS_12_PM_Dev Intertwine Mercurium developer Thursday, 24 December, 2015
LS_11_CG_Sr_Dev Software development in Big Data: Cancer and Bioinformatics Thursday, 24 December, 2015
JD_ASCETIC Junior Developer Friday, 25 December, 2015
ASCETIC_dev Junior Developer ASCETIC project Sunday, 27 December, 2015
SE_Euroserver Research Support Engineer Sunday, 27 December, 2015