Niranjana Sriram

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I hold a Master in Aerospace Engineering degree with major in
Aerodynamics and Propulsion. I graduated in the year 2021 from ISAE
SUPAERO, France. I completed my Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering
in Amrita School of Engineering, India. I am currently a PhD student with
the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre. I will be working on soot
formation in aeroengine combustors. Throughout my studies, I have
been exposed to various subjects like Aerodynamics, Propulsion,
Combustion, Fluid Mechanics, CFD etc. Staring from the basics, I have
had training in advanced courses during my under graduate and
graduate studies. I have received a scholarship in my under-graduate
study based on my performance.


MSc in Aerospace Engineering - ISAE SUPAERO, France-2021

BTech in Aerospace Engineering - Amrita School of Engineering, India- 2019


I have worked in academic projects covering various topics. I have
worked on the study of effect of swirl number on effusion cooling in
aeroengine combustors. I have carried out a study on the wingtip vortex
and its characteristics as a part of my Master´s project.
I have also done internships in various institutions adding to my
experience. I was part of an experimental study conducted in
NationalAerospace Laboratory, India
where NOX emissions were studied in a
model combustor. In an internship in Indian Institute of Technology
Bombay, India, I studied the invariance in existing models. I got to work
in IIT Bombay in a hypersonic group after being selected for a
fellowship.For my Masters thesis I worked on developing a numerical
model for the study of laminar separation bubble on a pitching wing.