Alejandro Soba Pascual

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After obtaining my  degree in physics in 1998 from  Buenos Aires University (UBA), I received a  Master in Materials Science and Technology at  National University of San Martin (UNSAM) in 2002. In 2007 I received a  doctorate in physics at  UBA with a thesis titled “Simulación del comportamiento termomecánico de una barra combustible en operación”. In this Master and PhD theses work, the first version of a code named DIONISIO was built and tested. DIONISIO code is a modular Finite Element Method (FEM) code devoted to the simulation of the nuclear fuel in a reactor in operation under normal condition.
In 2008 I joined the CASE department under the direction of Dr. Jose Maria Cela at  Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). I worked at BSC for a period of three years in the European project named EUFORIA in the field of fusion energy, with the aim to create a net of software dedicated to ITER ( simulation. Besides, I worked with the EUTERPE code in collaboration the Max Plank Institute of Plasma Physics, Germany and Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión por Confinamiento Magnético – CIEMAT, implementing new parallel algorithms into the code.
In 2011 I entered into the National Research Council (CONICET) and won the position of  Fulltime Researcher at the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA). My main work since 2011 has been consolidating the DIONISIO code, creating a multi-physics platform including a great variety of modules related to different behavior of nuclear fuel into a reactor including  normal operation, high burnup condition, accident condition, among others. Besides, a new module, dedicated to MTR fuels, was developed. Nowadays, DIONISIO is being converted into a commercial product.
From 2011 to 2022, I was  Independent Researcher at the CONICET, researcher in CNEA and Part-time Professor at the Instituto de Tecnología Nuclear Dan Benison at UNSAM. I have collaborations with diverse research groups in Argentina and Spain, and six PhD students under my supervision.
In September 2022, I returned to Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain) and joined the Fusion Group as an Established Researcher.
I was authored of articles in 61 peer-review journals, and more than 110 proceeding in international and local Congress.

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