Application Management for Distributed Computing

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The Programming Model Enactment Service (PMES) is a tool that allows the deployment, contextualization and execution of COMPSs applications on distributed infrastructures. PMES offers an HTTP API and a web UI to manage the configuration of the applications and to monitor their execution.


The PMES Framework allows users to execute jobs in the cloud. Jobs are user defined applications that have been particularized (by defining its parameters, input files and output files) and that run inside one or more virtual machines (that have been automatically instantiated from a pre-selected image). The PMES Framework also provides a portal to interface with cloud infrastructures, allowing users to define applications and to execute and monitor jobs in the cloud.


  1. Do research and development on frameworks to allow users to execute COMPSs and other type of jobs in distributed platforms.
  2. Do research and development on frameworks to perfom automatic application deployment in distributed platforms.