Big Data
Hecuba is a set of tools and interfaces which aims to facilitate programmers with an efficient and easy interaction with non-relational technologies.
Software Author: 

Data-Driven Scientific Computing research line



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0.1.3 (Latest Version)

Added support to Python 3.

Release Notes

Current Hecuba release supports the following types:

  • Immutable types:  
    • str, bool, decimal, float, int, blob, tuple, float, buffer.
    • double floating point numbers will be stored as double precision numbers.
    • counter (supported in StorageObj only). Guarantees atomicity at a performance penalty.
  • Collections:
    • numpy.ndarray.
    • frozenset (supported in StorageObj only).
  • Mutable collections supported:
    • dict.
    • set Subject to restrictions, supported only by StorageDict (development underway).
    • list to group a set of values for a given key in a StorageDict. E.g. dict[0] = [1,2,3].

Link to access to the Hecuba distribution and the documentation