EAR: Energy management framework for HPC

Performance Tools

EAR software is a management framework optimizing the energy and efficiency of a cluster of interconnected nodes. To improve the energy of the cluster, EAR provides energy control, accounting, monitoring and optimization of both the applications running on the cluster and of the overall global cluster.


Software Author: 

EAR authors: Julita Corbalan (julita.corbalan@bsc.es) and Luigi Brochard (luigibrochard@gmail.com)

EAR teachnical team: Jordi Gomez Aneas and Lluis Alonso Jane


*   BSC Contact     ear-support@bsc.es, luigi.brochard@gmail.com, ckim1@lenovo.com



EAR is licensed under both the BSD-3 license for individual/non-commercial use and EPL-1.0 license for commercial use. Full text of both licenses can be found in COPYING.BSD and COPYING.EPL files. (available on demand: ear-support@bsc.es)

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