Big Data Programming Models
dataClay is a distributed data store that enables applications to store and access objects in the same format they have in memory, and executes object methods within the data store. These two main features accelerate both the development of applications and their execution.
New release: dataClay 2.0

Software Author: 

support-dataclay [at] bsc [dot] es

Software Cost: 

Open source (distributed under BSD License 2.0)

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dataClay 2.0 (Latest Version)

dataClay 2.0, November 2019.

Release Notes

To deploy see Chapter 7 in the user manual.


New features

Support for Java 11

Federation of dataClay instances

Support for ARM 32-bit architecture

Configurable reverse proxy in communications between dataClay instances

Secure TLS client-server communications

Mixins in Python

Support to AspectJ

Configurable tracing



Bootstrap performance

Performance in inter-service communications

Management of in-memory objects in memory intensive Python applications

Metadata caching mechanisms in the Python Execution Environment

Docker infrastructure and Docker images: health check, minimization of ports exposed, reduced container size

Easier deployment

New deployable demos and updated examples

Bug fixes

The repository contains dataClay examples, demos, docker files, documentation and source code.

To deploy see docker-compose examples in Chapter 7 in the manual.

Old Versions