Virtual BSC RS/ ES inDust Webinar: Physico-chemical desert dust properties

Date: 20/Oct/2021 Time: 15:00


Virtual event over Zoom, with the required registration.

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inDust webinar by Paola Formenti (CNRS-LISA, France). The lecture will overview the physico-chemical properties of dust gathered from field campaigns and laboratory studies.

 "This event is considered inside the regular inDust webinars. InDust (, it is a COST Action ( coordinated from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)."


Host: Sara Basart, BSC Postdoc Researcher, Earth Sciences - Atmospheric Composition
Speaker: Dr. Paola Formenti, Senior researcher at (CNRS) The French National Centre for Scientific Research
Short bio: Dr. Paola Formenti studied Physics at the university of Genoa in Italy and obtained her PhD from the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) and the max Planck institute for Chemistry in Mainz (Germany). Currently, she is senior researcher at the CNRS working at LISA, where she was originally appointed as junior researcher on January 2004. Her research focuses on the physico-chemical and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols that control their radiative effects on climate. Her research is based on field observations and laboratory simulations. Her work in the field of atmospheric aerosols has resulted in more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and more than 100 communications in national and international conferences.