Supercomputing and Next Generation Sequencing (2011)

Date: 17/Mar/2011 - 19/Mar/2011 Time:

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The objective of this seminar was showing researchers the computational problems involved in the analysis of the readings taken with the new sequencing technologies, as well as some of the solutions already available. Considering the two problems (the sheer volume of data and the shortness of the sequences), was addressed how they are bypassing these in the use of NGS for the quantification of gene expression, the quality of the results, the assembly sequences, visualization and storage. To achieve this objective, renowned scientists and researchers shared with the attendants their findings at developed projects and studies.

The RES (Spanish Supercomputing Network), coordinated by BSC-CNS, organized, in collaboration with UMA (Málaga University), the RES Supercomputing and Scientific Seminar of Next Generation Sequencing that was held 17 & 18 March, 2011.

More than 70 attendants and the need of two rooms to allocate all them proved the need of such a seminar in our country and the quality of the scientific discussion provided.