SORS: "Heterogeneous computing with the Julia language: from A64FX to the IPU"

Date: 09/May/2024 Time: 17:00


[ONSITE] BSC Auditorium, Floor -1, Repsol Building.

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Julia is a modern, dynamic, general-purpose, compiled programming language, particularly well suited for numerical computing. In this presentation I will talk about my experience with using Julia on very different HPC hardware, from the A64FX CPU on Fugaku (the then #1 supercomputer in the Top500 list) to the IPU, a massively parallel MIMD processor with interesting features for machine learning, showcasing applications ranging from solving differential equations to automatic differentiation.

Short Bio

Mosè Giordano is a Research Software Developer at the University College London, and has been using the Julia language for several years in different domains.





Speaker: Mosè Giordano, UCL.
Host: Sergio Sánchez Ramírez, BSC.