SORS: Energy Efficient Computing Systems

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15th December 2022. 10:30 am. UPC's Vèrtex Building Auditorium + Gardens & Virtual

We are looking forward to celebrating the BSC staff annual meeting this year.

As in the previous edition, the event will be online and shorter.

The event will begin on December 15th at 10:30 am. We will send you a link nearer the time so you can connect.

Even more than normal, we hope that as many BSC staff as possible will be able to attend and participate.

You can participate by telling us:

What you would like to know about?

Let us know which subjects you find interesting to be incorporated into the BSC directors’ presentations.
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We would like to know more about your work, so we have booked one hour of the Annual Meeting to listen to 6 BSC employees that will explain what they do. We encourage you to be one of them.

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 BSC Talks

We have booked time for 6 employees to explain in 6 minutes what you do at BSC.

The event will be VIRTUAL but the BSC Talks will be presented from the studio where the event is taking place.

We would like you to make short, attractive presentations (6 minutes) so all the BSC staff know what you do.

You could be one of those to go up the stage, and we will help you to prepare it.

What will you need to do?

  1. Let us know about what you would like to explain.
    • Send us a short video (landscape) of 45 seconds’ maximum explaining what you would like to present at
    • State your name, department, research group and a provisional title for your talk.
    • Deadline: November 29th.
  2. All the BSC staff will vote for the 6 most interesting proposals.
    • All videos will be available at the web page and the voting process will be open. Each employee will be able to vote up to 3 proposals.
  3. If your proposal is one of the chosen ones:
    • A training session will be organized for the 6 most voted.
  4. Prepare a 6 minutes’ presentation.
  5. The best presentation of December 15th will be awarded!

Directors’ presentation of 2022

We would like to know what subjects you are interested in so as to incorporate them in the directors’ presentation of the center. Fill in this form with your questions.

Speaker: Juan Cebrián

Abstract: This talk will discuss how to design adaptive workload management and power modulation methods in servers and various types of data centers to help achieve a sustainable computing future.​

Energy efficiency is a central issue in all computing domains. Operational and cooling costs impose significant sustainability challenges; in tandem, computing systems run increasingly complex, highly performance demanding workloads, making the existing energy management policies inadequate. High power densities also increase the chip temperatures and thermal variations, which degrade system reliability, add to the system design complexity, and increase cost of cooling.

Achieving the target exascale computing performance, and also, designing a sustainable cloud computing infrastructure require the design of dynamic and intelligent techniques that recognize the hardware-software characteristics and optimize the interplay among performance, energy, and temperature in an application-aware manner.

Bio: Ayse K. Coskun is an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Boston University. She received her MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from University of California, San Diego. Coskun’s research interests are energy-efficient computing, 3D-stacked architectures, embedded systems, and intelligent management of data centers. Prof. Coskun worked at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), San Diego prior to her current position at BU. Coskun is a recipient of the NSF CAREER award. She currently serves as an associate editor for IEEE Embedded Systems Letters and writes a bi-monthly column on green computing at the Circuit Cellar magazine. Web: