SORS: Academic Cloud Computing Research: Pitfalls and Opportunities

Date: 02/Aug/2018 Time: 11:00


Aula de formació, Nexus II Building, Floor 0

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This talk will cover a set of fundamental pitfalls, which can restrict academics from conducting cloud computing research at the infrastructure level, which is currently where the vast majority of academic research lies. The case for embracing abstractions provided by clouds will be presented through a set of opportunities for research. The objective of this talk is to foster discussion, and to define a roadmap forward, which will allow academia to make longer-term impacts to the cloud computing community.

This talk is based on my USENIX HotCloud paper:

Short Bio: Adam Barker is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews and an Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He recently held a Visiting Faculty appointment at Google, and a prestigious Royal Society Industry Fellowship. He worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, University of Melbourne and University of Edinburgh. He holds a PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh (2007). Adam leads the Systems Research Group (SRG), and his primary research interests concentrate on the effective engineering of large-scale distributed systems, covering areas such as cloud computing, big data infrastructure, data-intensive computing and service-oriented architecture.

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Adam Barker, Professor of Computer Systems, University of St Andrews
Group Leader, Systems Research Group (SRG)
Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh