Severo Ochoa Research Seminar Lectures 2015 - 16

Date: 08/Sep/2015

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2015 - 16 Severo Ochoa Research Seminar Lectures

Date - Time Place Lecture Title  Speaker Organisation
10/09 - 11 am Sala d’Actes FIB Opening Session: Exploring Emerging Technologies for Extreme Scale HPC Architectures
Jeffrey S. Vetter ORNL and Georgia Tech
18/09 -12am Sala d’Actes FIB Kernel and user level execution trace analysis for multi-core distributed Linux systems Michel Dagenais Polytechnique Montréal
23/09 -11am Sala d’Actes FIB Learning by Redundancy: Climate Multi-Model Ensembles and Machine Learning Matteo De Felice Climate Modelling laboratory, ENEA, Italy
14/10 - 11am Sala d’Actes FIB Jointly organised by BSC and DAC
Datacenter Computers: modern challenges in CPU design
Richard L. Sites Google, Inc.
05/11 -
12 pm
Sala Juntes, Rectorat Simulating extreme hydro-meteorological events with DRIHM(2US) services Antonio Parodi CIMA Foundation
06/11-11am Sala d’Actes FIB A New Role of Ontologies and Advanced Scientific Visualization in Big Data analytics
Svetlana Chuprina Perm State University
11/12-10am Building C6, room E101 The route towards the ultimate network topology
German Rodriguez IBM Zurich Research
15/12-11:30 am

Building C6,
room E106

Christmas Lecture: Adaptive, Efficient, Parallel Execution of Parallel Programs
Guri Sohi  University of Wisconsin-Madison
17/12-11:00 am

Sala d’Actes FIB

Simple, Efficient, and Scalable Cache Coherence
Alberto Ros University of Murcia
16/03-11:30 am Sala d’Actes FIB Towards Real-Time CFD Simulation of In-Flight Icing Wagdi G. Habashi McGill University
31/03- 11:00 am Sala d'Actes FIB Semantically Ordered Parallel Execution of Multiprocessor Programs Guri Sohi University of Wisconsin-Madison
01/04. 12:00 pm Sala d'Actes FIB The Fourth Paradigm - Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery and Open Science Tony Hey Science and Technology Facilities Council.
27/04. 11:00 am Building C6, room  E-106 Advances in GPU architecture for deep learning and scientific computing
Frédéric Parienté NVIDIA
13/05. 13:00 Sala d'Actes FIB

Semantic Systems and Visual Tools to Analyze Climate Change Communication

Arno Scharl MODUL University, Vienna
23/05. 11:00 Aula Master, UPC
A3 on the campus map

2 Lectures on Deep Learning

Joan Bruna

Oriol Vinyals

(UC Berkeley)

(Google DeepMind)

14/06. 11:00 Sala d'Actes FIB

Large-Scale Machine Learning in Cancer and Brain Research: New Applications That Will Drive Future Supercomputing Systems

Rick L. Stevens Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago