Hybrid BSC RS/Life Session: Galaxy : Beyond the User Interface

Date: 18/Jul/2022 Time: 12:00


Training Room 1-3-2, BSC-Repsol Building and zoom

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Abstract: To enable research to do data intensive analysis, Galaxy is a commonly used research environment which provides a user interface which hides the complexity of using (super)computing clusters and cloud infrastructure. Behind this interface is a complete ecosystem of tools and services, underpinning the features of Galaxy. In this presentation I will navigate through this ecosystem to showcase how Galaxy can provide added value to technically skilled bioinformaticians.

Short bio: Frederik Coppens is Head of Node for ELIXIR Belgium and is IT manager at the VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology. For more than a decade, he has focussed on providing infrastructure and services for data in life sciences. Frederik is heading a multidisciplinary team focussing on FAIR data and reproducible data analysis. The team is involved in leading roles in many European projects, contributing to the development of the vision of the European Open Science Cloud. Frederik is co-leading RDMkit, the data management toolkit for bioscientists and data stewards developed by ELIXIR, and WorkflowHub, the ELIXIR registry for computational workflows. Frederik is member of the Galaxy Executive Board and ELIXIR Belgium hosts a Belgian Galaxy instance. The team contributes to the further development of the Galaxy Research Environment, with a focus on facilitating access to and sharing of data and provenance of workflows.



Speaker: Frederik Coppens, Head of Node for ELIXIR Belgium and IT manager at the VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology
Host: Salvador Capella, INB GROUP LEADER, Life Sciences - INB