Atmospheric Modelling at LHTEE/AUTH: Research Highlights and Prospects

Date: 05/Dec/2014 Time: 15:30


Earth Sciences Meeting Room Flour 1 Nexus II

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Dr. George Tsegas

University of Thessaloniki

Since its establishment almost 20 years ago, the Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering has been involved in at least 150 projects spanning three distinct areas of expertise: energy systems and technology, air pollution and waste management. In the area of air quality modelling, the Laboratory’s expertise has long supported a wide range of basic and applied research activities, addressing the needs of both environmental research and services sectors. Three current areas of focus on atmospheric processes and pollution modelling will be presented, related to the study of particulate pollution from domestic heating in Greek cities, developments on model coupling for multiscale modelling of turbulent transport, and a novel source-apportionment scheme for the spatial and temporal disaggregation of emission sources.