VITIGEOSS: Vineyard Innovative Tool based on the InteGration of Earth Observation Services and in-field Sensors


The main scope of the project is to empower the potential of EO Systems by creating an innovative commercial information delivery to optimize sustainable vine cultivation via decision support systems (DSS) on phenology, irrigation, fertilizer, disease and business operations management. Satellites imagery will be combined with other data sources such as in-field measurements, models and best practices to build up an integrated but modular management tool covering the most critical operations of the business, including sustainability aspects to align the outcomes with UN SDG´s, which will directly welfare population living in rural communities around wine producers locations.

VITIGEOSS will integrate existing solutions to couple satellite imagery with in-field sensors with the aim of increasing resolution and reliability of satellite information applied to all aspects of viticulture and specific wine-business operations. Our platform will empower the usage of European open EO services by the improvement of agriculture business operations at economic, environmental and social level, and will ensure an effective engagement with EuroGEOSS by direct participation within its Action groups. The presence of 3 end-users in the consortium will facilitate a successful penetration in the market through ELEAF, who will act as commercialization partner.

VITIGEOS can contribute to EuroGEOSS by demonstrating the effective use of European EO resources in an operational application for the wine industry. The application is at the pre-operational readiness level 6 to 7 and as such can reinforce other EuroGEOSS initiatives. VITIGEOS will explore the readiness level with different EuroGEOSS Coordination Groups to ensure that it meets the EuroGEOSS requirements. Connection with these action groups is ensured with the presence of relevant members in the Advisory Board.