OGF-EUROPE: Mobilising and Integrating Communities on Grid Standards & Best Practices Globally

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The goal of OGF-EUROPE was to stimulate, co-ordinate and harmonise networked actions on Grid adoption across Europe and globally through reinforcement of the Open Standards message and thus capillary diffusion of the Open Grid Forum (OGF) model to Europe in alignment with OGF mission, strategy and leadership.

OGF-EUROPE aimed to mobilise the Grid European community of researchers, developers, providers, and end-users in both the public & private sector, focusing on issues that are of prime importance within the EU, ultimately increasing the ability of industry and commerce to influence requirements for a more competitive ICT infrastructure towards i2010. OGF-EUROPE scope was pursued by providing a sound, cohese message regarding EU requirements and global priorities in the field, as well as continuing to shape the broad vision while supporting practical progress on maturing and standardising the technology based on real-world experience.

OGF-EUROPE was proposed at a crucial time as it provided the opportunity to capitalise on significant European investments performed in the previous 8 years, by executing support actions that targeted the essence of mobilisation and integration of grid communities and that deliver actionable and sustainable results.

The OGF-EUROPE Consortium had the necessary expertise, knowledge and skills to demonstrate how grid infrastructures are a competitive advantage in Europe. The co-ordinating organisation – the European Chapter of OGF – brought to the project the additional asset of its already formalised, operational linkages and influential position within OGF global.

Major tangible results of the OGF-EUROPE initiative comprised: 3 reports supporting OGF Technical & Strategic Roadmap, 2 survey reports on trends & Grid practices, 4 workshops on challenges on standardisation issues, 4 Grid adoption challenge reports; 6 Community outreach seminars including 4 in-depth tutorials, 6 Community best practice reports, 3 OGF-EUROPE international events.